Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Narration paragraph: The three little pigs and the lottery draw (Luck or tragedy?)

Once upon a time there were three extremely poor piggies named Alejandro (the oldest one), Fernando (the middle), and Roberto (the youngest one). They used to go every afternoon downtown to play around. One day, they were heading toward to the park when all of the sudden, Alejandro realized there was a little piece of paper lying on the street and he said to his brothers: Hey guys! Check what is on the street! Fernando did not care about it and started stepping on it. On the other hand, Roberto decided to pick it up to see what was written on it, for their surprise, they found out that the little piece of paper was a lottery ticket and they kept it expecting to have the opportunity to hit the jackpot.

One week later, they watched on TV the lottery draw and their dream came true because they won a three-million dollar prize and they divided it into one million each.

Wolfy, a close friend of theirs heard that piggies had hit the jackpot and suddenly, he started hearing voices in his head that told him: “this is your chance to get rich or dye trying”. Wolfy, thought piggies were goofy at business stuff and he said: “I am going to take all the money out from them”. Wolfy began with Alejandro (the foolest one to him). One day, Wolfy asked Alejandro out and they went to a nightclub, they started drinking some beers and Wolfy put a weird pill into Alejandros’ beer when that took place Alejandro started feeling dizzy and the smart Wolfy made him to sign some papers in which Alejandro granted him all the money that he had. The next day, when Alejandro woke up and realized what he had done last night, he felt so bad and remembered everything he had gone through when he was poor because of that, he went to his brothers’ house asking them some money and they denied the money that he wanted, that was extremely hard for him and he made the decision of hanging himself up.

Fernando felt so guilty due to Alejandro’s death and started consuming drugs to escape from reality, when he found himself all involved in drugs, he went to Wolfy’s place, when he got there, a birthday party was taking place and Wolfy asked Fernando to come in to have fun for a while, but Fernando was so anxious Wolfy noticed that and asked what was going on with him? Fernando said: “I need to consume some crack”. In that moment, Wolfy thought that was a perfect chance to increase the credit of his bank account, he said to Fernando: “if you signed this contract I will give you all the crack you want”, Fernando without thinking about it signed the contract. Wolfy gave to Fernando different kinds of drugs, then Fernando started consuming them and as a result, Fernando got an overdose and died. Wolfy to avoid being judged took Fernando’s body and threw it on a river in order not to leave any trace.

Roberto received a call from the police and told him that Fernando his brother was found dead on a river. The police suggested him to go to the morgue to identify the body and to know what caused his death.

When Roberto got there, forensic examination revealed a large quantity of drug in the dead pig’s blood and also fingertips were found that revealed who the killer was, and it could not be any other than WOLFY, Roberto got extremely mad and he swore he would revenge the death of his brother.

One week later, Roberto bought a shotgun to wait the day in which he will be face to face with Wolfy and that day finally came. Roberto ran out with Wolfy, in that moment, Wolfy took out a knife on the other hand, Roberto took out a shotgun and put a bullet on his right leg, Wolfy laughing at him confessed that he had killed Alejandro as well, and Roberto put a bullet on his head smashing it right away.

At the end, Roberto the youngest piggy got his brothers’ money back and married to a beautiful female piggy named Gaga, as a result of that marriage two piggies were born and they named them: Alejandro and Fernando respectively to never forget his brothers, and they lived happy ever after.

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  1. This story includes a little bit of everything!